‟ The best thing about Antwerp are the people and the culture. There's a very eclectic mix of people in Antwerp. They're from different backgrounds and different cultures. And, of course, the fact that it's considered a fashion capital. In the area near the MoMu, or Fashion Museum, you'll find lots of people with an incredible sense of style. ”


If you're looking to buy craft supplies, you have Pipoos [5, Wijnegem, Belgium], a Dutch chain of craft stores. They have all the general craft supplies: paper crafts, fimo, felting, knitting, painting, jewelry crafts, etc. I always go to the one in the Jezusstraat [Jezusstraat, 2000] in Antwerp, but there's also one in the shopping center of Wijnegem, which is only a 20 minute drive or busride away from the city center. Pipoos [5, Wijnegem, Belgium] is great, but it's not exactly cheap. If I need things like paint or googley eyes "in bulk", I go to De Banier [Kipdorp 30, 2000]. Chiro, a youth movement here in Belgium, get their supplies here too. Veritas [Schoenmarkt 25, 2000] is a store located on Antwerp's shopping street: De Meir. They carry things like sewing supplies, beads and wool. This is one of my favorite shops. And lastly, for all your beading needs, you can go to Zahia [Everdijstraat 31, 2000] in the Everdijstraat in Antwerp.

Eat & Drink

The Groenplaats [Groenplaats, 2000] is a very cozy square. You can have a bite to eat and something to drink in one of the many taverns that surround the square, but they are incredibly overpriced. So, I recommend you get a sandwich to go at one of the (cheaper) places in the side streets and go sit under the statue of Rubens (watch out for the pigeons), while admiring our beautiful cathedral.

Eat & Drink in Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium

Also near the cathedral, there's a bar called Pater's Vaetje [Blauwmoezelstraat 1, 2000], where you can order all different kinds of alcohol. (They also serve non-alcoholic drinks, for the people who don't drink). If you would like to try a genuine Antwerp beer, you should order Seefbier. You have to be 16 or older, though. For the over 18's there's Elixir d'Anvers, which is a hard liquor.


There's a store in Merksem, a 10 minute busride from the city center, called De Effenaar, which offers a large collection of paint supplies. Definitely worth a visit. The shop owners are very friendly and helpful. Every year they organize a craft fair in Antwerp Expo [Jan van Rijswijcklaan 191, 2020], where you can find crafting supplies you don't find as easily somewhere else. I believe you can reserve a stand to sell your crafts or supplies. I'm not sure about this, as I've never tried it

See Something Special

Then, of course, you have the Grote Markt [Grote Markt, 2000], with the incredible architecture and the statue of Brabo, depicting how Antwerp got its name. Don't sit under that statue, though, you might get wet.

See Something Special in Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium

They sell all kinds of souvenirs in Antwerp, but if you want to take something home that's typical for Antwerp, get some "Antwerpse handjes" or Antwerp hands. They are delicious cookies, that you can get at any bakery. What I wrote here, is only a fraction of what Antwerp has to offer. I wrote about my favorite places and things to do, but there's so much more. Come discover it for yourself!


Antwerp also has some very inspiring places. As I mentioned before, you have the ModeMuseum [Nationalestraat 28, 2000], the Fashion Museum, in the Nationalestraat. The entrance fee is really cheap and they also offer student discounts. In my opinion, their exhibits are always very interesting and varied. At the end of the school year, you can also check out the final projects from the graduating fashion students.

Inspiration in Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium

You can visit the Stadspark [] if you like sitting in parks. Just don't go there at night, as it's quite unsafe.

Inspiration in Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium

If you like architecture, our central station is the place to be. I believe it was named the second most beautiful Train Station [Koningin Astridplein 27, 2018] in the world. Either way, it's worth a visit. And right next to the central station, is the ZOO [Koningin Astridplein 20-26, 2018]! Opposite the station, there's our tiny China town. It's not actually a town, it's a single street, but they have a few fun shops.