‟ The best thing about living in Red Deer is having a big city crafting feel with resources available while still getting that small town homey vibe. Red Deer is located an hour between both Calgary and Edmonton two major Canadian cities. ”


My favorite shops are Silver Cove, Wholistix, LUSH, and H&M.

The top places for craft supplies are the farmers market in the spring and summer. Micheal's Crafts, local stores; Silver Cove, Wholistix, are both crystal & metaphysical based shops that sell crystals, beads, a really good place to find natural ingredients to make your own beauty care items and Nutters is a grocery store for the vegan, gluten free 100% 360 all natural crowd they carry everything from groceries to pet care. It's a one stop shop for me when I need to stock up on items to make cleaning supplies and personal care items like shampoo, laundry soap, face creams etc.

Crafters can sell their items at the farmers market here every Saturday from May to October. We also have a produce farmers market from May to September on Wednesdays where local grows can sell, and trade their extra produce. People can also buy fresh locally grown and most likely organic produce.

Eat & Drink

My favorite places are local vegan spot Fusion Cafe or Pho Thuy Dong for lunch. Bo's grill has yummy pub style food that I enjoy for lunch or dinner. My favorite sushi and bubble tea place is Sushi Sushi.

The local cupcake shop Baby Cakes makes a daily vegan cupcake that is not to be missed.

Wild Bill's when I'm at a local show. Either Leah's Bar & Grill or East 40 for a pint and karaoke on Saturday night.


City hall park has gorgeous flower beds in the spring and summer with plenty of benches, three mile bend has the add beauty of the river running through this local park and link up with walking trails. Don't forget about the lake either, crafting while lounging on a beach is never a bad time.

There are tons Silver Cove has a members club that goes on local mining trips and one big camping trip up to the North West Territories in June. The farmers markets have clubs to join. There are numerous hiking clubs, local artisan clubs for knitters, jewelry makers, painters, pottery lovers and more.

The pottery club or farmers markets is the best bet to meet new people. Visiting the local shops and signing up for their newsletter will keep you up to date on any up coming events or meet ups going on.

See Something Special

The bronze statues downtown are worth a look for sure especially the man petting the dog. Bower Mall has a large hanging stage coach display from metal were the horses appear to have no skin it's worth an snap for your instagram.

Take home some locally made jams from the farmers market, handmade soaps from Wholistix, and hand made jewelry with locally mined stones from Silver Cove.

Silver Cove 5511 50 Ave, Red Deer, AB

Nutters 5250 22 St, Red Deer, AB

Wholistix 2085 50 Ave, Red Deer, AB

H&M and LUSH both 4900 Molly Bannister Dr #244, Red Deer, AB

Downtown Market Little Gaetz Ave, Red Deer AB

Farmers Market 4214-58 Street, Red Deer Open Saturdays

Fusion Cafe 4214-58 Street, Red Deer


For inspiration downtown is great the city has kept much of it the same from when Red Deer was founded and over the years has added statues to commemorate mile stones, remember important moments in history or people.

My favorite non craft related attractions are going to local shows at the Block Theater or Wild Bill's. Walking the trails around town central Alberta has beautiful scenery to take in. In the summer time Sylvan Lake is a 15 minute drive from the city.

If you're feeling touristy take a picture with one of the statues around town. The local trails are filled with potential photos.