‟ The best thing about Berlin is the greenery. No matter where you are in this huge, crowded city you are never far away from a grabbing breath of fresh air & a break in one of the many well taken care of parks. ”


I love wandering through the many thrift & secondhand shops Berlin has to offer and there's nothing better than a lazy Sunday spent strolling through the flea markets for a bargain.

Shop in Berlin, Germany

As I only use upcycled & recycled materials for my projects I don't shop in craft supply stores, however I have spied large crafty sections in discount shops TEDi [Müllerstraße 141, 13353] & Woolworth [Johannisthaler Chaussee 317, 12351] and the cheap & cheerful textile shops found on every main street are a fab source for sewing notions. DaWanda [Windscheidstraße 18, 10627], the second largest online marketplace for handmade items, is based in Berlin & the Markthalle Neun [Eisenbahnstraße 42-43, 10997] offers lovely stalls to rent in their funky weekend market.

Eat & Drink

The Friedrichshain area of Berlin is chock full of fabulous bistros, restaurants & cafes. A stroll down Simon-Dach-Str. will have you spoiled with mouthwatering choices! One of our fave spots for grabbing a quick bite is the Soup Tank in Schlossplatz Koepenick - delicious, traditionally prepared German soups & sausages are served from an original 1940's portable army "Soup Kitchen"!

Eat & Drink in Berlin, Germany

We love the Chocolaterie Catherine [Grünstraße 17, 12555] in Old Town Koepenick. Their handmade chocolates, pies, cakes & made-to-order coffees & teas are divine!


The river Spree [Spree, Germany] runs straight through the city & if you're lucky enough to be able to craft-on-the-go, getting comfy on a park bench or spreading a blanket on the river bank just might mean a visit from the friendly swans & ducks that make their home along the Spree.

See Something Special

The Beate Uhse Erotikmuseum is definitely an eye opening (& hilarious) look at the history of sex!

See Something Special in Berlin, Germany

My super duper top tip for souvenirs: hop on a train, head to the east side of Berlin & browse around the Euro and discount shops. You'll find the exact same souvenirs as you would in the tourist areas of West Berlin for a fraction of the price...plus more than few quirky extras to get with the money you save!


Simply walking around Berlin provides an inspirational feast for the senses! The East Side Gallery [Muehlen St, 10243] is a 1.3 km long section of the Berlin Wall that has been transformed into an international memorial for freedom. The Gallery consists of 105 paintings by international artists & is possibly the largest and longest-lasting open air gallery in the world.The paintings at the East Side Gallery document a time of change and express the great hopes for a better future for all people.

Inspiration in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is jam packed with historial buildings & monuments: Checkpoint Charlie [Friedrichstraße 43-45, 10117] was the name given by the Western Allies to the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War; The Reichstag [Platz der Republik 1, 11011] (German Parliment Building) with its large glass dome, open to the public, which provides a 360-degree view of the surrounding Berlin cityscape; The Brandenburg Gate [Pariser Platz, 10117] is a historical city gate that was rebuilt in the late 18th century as a neoclassical triumphal arch; The Berlin Wall cobblestone trail follows the course of the former GDR border (a.k.a: The Berlin Wall) & is a great hike or bike through the city.