‟ Kaarst is a small city with 40000 inhabitants. It is a calm and save place to love. We have a nice food market and lots of organic farmers. It has not the biggest cultural scene but what's really great is that it is very near to some big cities such as Düsseldorf and cologne. Also, the Netherlands are only a 30 min drive away. I like the lake in Kaarst - a good spot in summer! ”


My favourite shops are denn's Biomarkt [Prinzenstraße 1, 41065 Mönchengladbach, Germany], an organic food market and SchokoBlüte [Maubisstraße 44, 41564] which has everything for chocaholics like me!

Zick-Zack [Alte Heerstraße 16, 41564] is a small but nice shop. Unfortunately there is no fabric shop in Kaarst, so, if you like to sew, you have to go to Ikea or to Neuss (the city near by).

At the Gare du Neuss [Karl-Arnold-Straße 3-5, 41462 Neuss, Germany] in Neuss (which is the city next to Kaarst) there is a Handmade market where crafters can sell their designs!

Eat & Drink

If you like Italian food, try the il trio Restaurant-Bar [Neusser Straße 1, 41564].

Café Einblick [Alte Heerstraße 16, 41564] is a great place. Disabled people serve you coffee and cake and also sell their art there!

I like the Altes Rathaus [Germany] or the Frankenheim [Suitbertusstraße 123, 40223 Düsseldorf, Germany]. Both places have an outside area in summer, too.


The Volkshochschule (VHS) [Stadtparkinsel - Waagehaus -, Grevenbroich] offers a lot of classes, otherwise people mostly craft at home I would think

To make crafty friends, try the handmade market in Neuss "designerkram" http://weiberkram.org

See Something Special

For a souvenir, how about a "Meine Heimat 41564" T-Shirt? http://meineheimatkaarst.spreadshirt.de/


For inspiration, just jump on your bike and GO! The area around Kaarst is really flat and we have lots of bike paths so just discover Kaarst by bike!