‟ The most beautiful and my most favorite thing in Tallinn is the Baltic sea. You can go to the beach and have fun there, or go on the special rotes for bicycles and roller-skates, which is done on seaside, sit on cozy benches in the harbour, observe how big and small ships arrive to the Tallinn. ”


In Tallinn you can find many vintage shops like Raamatukoi Grammofon [Voorimehe 9, 10123], a vinyl record store and many old books shops. Also the Pagaripoisid [Ehitajate tee 29, 12612] bakery cafe.

Shop in Tallinn, Harju County, Estonia

Shop of magic stones like Loitsukeller OÜ [Müürivahe 17, 10140] fascinates not only Yoga lovers, but every visitor! I like to buy different crystals and stones here, then use it in my crafts. On Katariina käik [Katariina käik, 10140] street, you can find handicraft souvenirs, the Doll Museum, watch how people make things from glass in special workshops and find many cool ideas or inspirations.

Shop in Tallinn, Harju County, Estonia

I used to have my own little handmade shop in a cafe. The easiest way to find handmade is to go to the Old Town [Old Town of]. We have handmade shop Misu [Kaarli puiestee 7, 10142] on Vabaduse Väljak street, here you can find not only Estonia-themed things like in Old Town, but just fancy accessories and so on.

Eat & Drink

We have cozy Italian restaurant Vapiano [Hobujaama 10, 10151] and if you order a pizza, the cook gives you special thing which vibrates when your pizza is done and you can go and collect it! At the cashier, you can help yourself to unlimited gummy bears for free.

A famous place is Beer House [Dunkri 5, 10123]. Here they brew beer in barrels and every table has a crane which they use to serve beer. They also serve garlic bread crackers and tasty pizza - mmmm, tasty!

A popular place for students and tourists is Kompressor [Rataskaevu 3, 10123] where you can try huge pancakes with lots of fillings. Truly, I can't eat the whole portion by myself, usually it takes two people to eat one pancake.

Eat & Drink in Tallinn, Harju County, Estonia

Also, I like some cafe. This is awesome, when it is rainy day and you ran into some cafe to eat cakes, talk with friends or with my funny dear granny. Cafe Mmuah [Estonia] makes incredible muffins!

Every winter we have exhibition called Piparkoogi Maania. Piparkook it is a gingerbread cookies - our traditional christmas sweetness. Everybody can bake own gingerbread and participate in a contest, the best cookies show on a exhibition!

Eat & Drink in Tallinn, Harju County, Estonia

We have 3 streets in Old Town [Old Town of] which are filled with different bars. Bar Labour where you drink from beakers, bar "Nuthouse" where you seat on wheelchairs, "Shooters" in which you buy 10 shoots and where is no possibility to sit - buy and drink! This place is called Bermuda Triangle, because of location of the streets and it is easy to get lost here being drunk) P.S. Every night here is patroling police, so nothing criminal happens.


I have not crafted somewhere not at home, but I learned in Estonian Academy of Arts [Estonia pst 7, 10143] and I think, this is one of the most great time that I had in Tallinn! There is cool professional teachers, who became your great friends, here I found not only my first friends, but much knowledge which helps me to become fashion designer.

Craft in Tallinn, Harju County, Estonia

We have many craft tours for tourist, many of which are connected with our chocolate fabric Kalev [Kalev, Tammneeme, 74017 Harju maakond, Estonia]. Everybody can try their hand at making handmade candies in the Kalev [Kalev, Tammneeme, 74017 Harju maakond, Estonia] main shop in Rottermani square, or make some marzipans on Pikk Street [Pikk jalg, 10130].

See Something Special

To see something special, check out the retro vinyl shop, the Estonian History Museum [Pirita tee 56, 10127], the Vintage clothes festival and Kadrioru park [Estonia].

See Something Special in Tallinn, Harju County, Estonia

As a souvenir, I'd take home a lot of Estonian sweets from the company Kalev [Kalev, Tammneeme, 74017 Harju maakond, Estonia], liquor from Vana Tallinn OÜ [Lai 31, 10133], leather notebooks, wool sweaters or slippers and taste some Estonian milk production!


I like to go on some peculiar places, where is possible to free your mind from different thoughts. I call these places "place, where only you and the sea". I love Kumu [Valge 1, 10127], the museum of modern art in Kadrioru Park [Estonia]. One time there was exhibition of Irvin Penn photographs, which still inspire me today. Everyday it is possible to watch some crazy and cool exhibitions of Estonian and European artists with not only paintings, but installations and videos etc. The city's famous Kadriorg Palace [A. Weizenbergi 37, 10127], completed in 1718, was built on the order of Russian Tsar Peter the Great is also in Kadriorg Park.

Inspiration in Tallinn, Harju County, Estonia

Our top attraction are museums! Lots of Museums! We have many museums, which are full of technique like interactive tabletops etc. In Lennusadam [Lennusadam, Estonia] you can virtually go to the bottom of the Baltic Sea and fly on a airplane with the special simulator.

The Estonian Song and Dance Celebration, held in Tallinn every five years, assembles one of the world's largest choirs. Up to 30,000 singers typically take part. It is a wonderful feeling, when you see a huge crowd and everybody is singing! Everybody clearly know the lyrics of the national songs! For this event were specially built Lauluväljak [Kesklinn] - its a big open area, where were held many concerts of famous musicians like Michael Jackson, David Guetta, Hurts.

I like walking in our Tallinn Zoological Gardens [Paldiski maantee 145] in the summer, because it is large and well-conditioned. Some animals are having own special partners - business companies, who gives money for animal attending.

Inspiration in Tallinn, Harju County, Estonia

Taking great photos is possible everywhere and that's not an empty promise! Medieval architecture, gothic churches, sea views, old beautiful wooden houses is everywhere in town!