‟ I am a London based artist. My objective is to capture the times and bring my artwork to lift. ”


How did you get involved with street art? When did you start?

I’m not really a street artist. But my NHS. Illustration has been shared across Facebook over 200,000 times and countless post on Instagram. Elan cafe [9 Market Place, Oxford Street, London] asked to used my NHS on there new cafe located on the iconic Carnaby Street. It’s so amazing by seeing people take photos in front of it and share them on Instagram. My artist journey started at a very young age, I then continued to complete my degree in fine art printing.

Which pieces of your work are you most proud of? I would say I am most proud of my recent illustrations called “you are enough” I feel the feel the female as a Silent deep strength. Something I am keen to share as inspiration for women young old. A daily reminder that you are enough

Which area of London are you based in? What things would you recommend to do in your area? I am based in north London, Palmers Green. We have great indecent coffee shops, lush big parks and the best Greek restaurants.

Eat & Drink

Where are your favourite places to paint in London?

My bedroom is my favourite place. My safe place. My own little world.

When you’re not painting, what are your favourite hang outs?

I love the bars and restaurants in kings cross, the area has turned in a really cool hang out please. German Gymnasium Grand Café [King's Blvd, Kings Cross, London N1C 4BU, UK] is my favourite.

Where do you buy your supplies? Got any favourite art shops?

Cass Art [SU 0009 Lower Ground Floor, The Arcade Westfield Shopping Centre Stratford City, London] always and had been for years.


Before a busy painting session, where do you go to grab a bite to eat? I have a week spot for the Pret a Manger [43 King William St, London EC4R 9AN, UK] chicken salad.

And where do you love to drink afterwards? I love 31 below [31 Marylebone High Street, London] in Marylebone. The staff are really friendly and the location is my favourite place in London.

Who are some of your other favourite street artists? All artist inspire me, not just street artist.

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