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Eat & Drink

My favourite cafe is my own - nothing like a familiar cup of coffee, but if I want to go for brunch I find myself at Cafe Plum [17 Crisp Rd, Hammersmith, London W6 9RL, UK] for the best eggs in w14, lunch I will walk up to High street Kensington and get a traditional French baguette sandwich and a coffee from OREE and not forgetting the canale to go with my second cup of coffee for the day, shopping has to be done on Turnham green terrace where you can by amazing produce from the green grocers and butchers, and fishmongers. Shopping at Greige incredible interiors shop , buying luxury chocolates from Philip Neal, and sorting out your body and mind at Zen Maitri a health apothecary. I will take my little girl to her favourite Pizza restaurant, Casa Bardotti on North end road for a margarita for her and a glass of wine and a carbonara for me!


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