‟ The best thing about Birmingham is all the diversity of things to do and places to eat. ”


Jo Ann's

This one I can't answer because I know of any places other than the regular retail stores.

Christmas Village Festival and Cottontails Village www.christmasvillagefestival.com/ Held annually at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex, Christmas Village Festival is an Alabama tradition with deep roots not only in Alabama ... day is just not enough time to take in the unique sampling of arts, crafts, and food.

Eat & Drink

Carrabba's Italian Grill 4503 Riverview Pkwy Birmingham, AL 35242

Crazy Cajuns' 125 Inverness Plaza, Birmingham, AL 35242

Cheese Cake Factory 236 Summit Boulevard Birmingham, AL 35243 US 205-262-1800

The Melting Pot 611 Doug Baker Blvd Ste 201 Birmingham, AL 35242 Phone: (205) 981-8001 Fax: (205) 981-7714

Don't hang out in bars so I can't answer this one


Barns & Noble Book store

Not sure of other places

Quilting clubs. There are several chapters and I have no I idea the names and where they are located. That will take some investigation.

Red Mountain Makerspace 5502 1st Ave. North, Birmingham, AL

See Something Special

Vulcan Park

Wares made by local artists.


Five Points South Mt. Brook Homewood Downtown Birmingham

google points of interest in Birmingham, AL and a long list will come up. Too many for me to list here.

Railroad Park Vulcan Botanical Gardens The Birmingham Zoo