‟ New York City never ceases to amaze me. One minute you’re in a busy thoroughfare, the next a quiet park. You can find busy bars, quiet museums and quirky cafes. When it comes down to the core of it, the best thing about NYC is the people. It’s a true mixing pot of every kind of person you can imagine, young and old, rich and poor, cheery and snarky. It’s a mix of races, religions and beliefs unlike anything I’ve seen in any of my travels outside of the region. Some people think we are a bit brash, but we are also friendly and honest. ”


New York City has some fantastic shopping opportunities. If you’re looking for what’s trendy in fashion then I recommend wandering around Macy’s in Herald Square. It’s the largest department store in the world and is particularly well known for it’s Christmas window displays. If you’re looking for something a bit more eclectic, than vintage stores and street fairs are the way to go. During the Christmas holiday season Bryant Park and Union Square have great little shops set up. During weekends in the spring, summer and fall there are a variety of street fairs.

However, my all time favorite store in Manhattan is The Strand. It’s a multifloor book store, known for having “18 miles of books.” Finding a book about NYC, by someone from NYC is easy and also makes for a great gift or souvenir. It’s also a book lover’s haven for rare and hard to find books. The cute signature tote bags for sale that can help you carry the load are a bonus too.

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