‟ Everything is closeby. If you want to go shopping, there are unlimited options. If you want to go clubbing, there are student hotspots such as Hatfield Square which are full of clubs and bars. If you want to spend time in nature, there are national parks and gardens everywhere. I live quite close to the city centre, but not close enough for the noise or anything to affect us. We have an amazing view of the city though, especially at night with all the city lights! ”


The Greenlyn Goods Market [13th Street] is an awesome place to buy handmade South African goods. It happens every Saturday between 8am and 2pm. It's also right next to the Hazel Food Market [64 13th Street], which specializes in food from around the world. I try to go there at least once a month to try something new.

If you're looking for craft supplies, Jimnettes Art & Craft [Freesia Street] is the best by far. They have absolutely everything and are quite reasonably priced, except for their beads. For beads I go to Beads of Joy [795 Nebo Crescent], which is run by a lady from her home. Beads For You [Zambesi Drive] is definitely one of the largest bead shops in Pretoria. Their prices are affordable and their selection is so vast. You can buy most beads separately or in bulk, depending on your needs.

If you wanted to sell your work, there's the Tierlantynkies Market once a month, Hatfield Plaza Market every second Sunday. There are also specialised market days such as the Medieval/Pagan Market. My favourite goth event which happens every month - Attrition - also has lots of cool stalls where people sell handmade jewellery and clothing.

Eat & Drink

If I'm in the mood for junk food, Burgerbar [Amberfield Heights, Centurion, 0149, South Africa] is the way to go. Their burgers are absolutely amazing and are cheaper than most places. It only has 2 branches in the country, but luckily both are nearby. They are way cheaper than even McDonalds, and their food is better than Burger King. If I want some "proper" food, I love going to Ocean Basket [Piering Road] for sushi or a seafood platter. They also have delicious cocktails.


The Pretoria Botanical Garden [2 Cussonia Avenue] are lovely for a bit of peace and quiet. I like going there because you can take a picnic basket with and find a nice spot under the trees to spend the entire day crafting. There are many nature reserves near my house as well.

The only crafty people I know here are the cosplayers. You can find them at any gaming convention such as rAge and G2C2.

See Something Special

There's a spooky house that was used as a movie set years ago called Die Spookhuis (literally translating to the ghost house). You can go on guided tours through the house which is quite Victorian.

Almost everywhere you go, shopping centres, markets, etc, there are African stalls selling beaded stuff, wood carvings or metal sculptures. They're a huge part of the old African traditions so have significance especially to the Zulu people. One of the items I bought from one of these stalls is a small turtle carved out of some kind of rock.


I tend to get inspired by random things I see everywhere, I don't have a specific place I go to. I also love going to the local goth club - Zeplins.

The Pretoria Zoo [232 Boom Street] is great for photography because the enclosures are much larger than those of most countries. I go there often to get some cool close-up shots of the animals.